Als vanuit een opwellende bron

Questioner: Is it your hobby to give lectures? Don’t you get tired of talking? Why are you doing it?

Krishnamurti: I am glad you asked that question. You know, if you love something, you never get tired of it – I mean love in which there is no seeking of a result, no wanting something out of it. When you love something, it is not self-fulfilment, therefore there is no disappointment, there is no end. Why am I doing this? You might as well ask why the rose blooms, why the jasmine gives its scent, or why the bird flies.

You see, I have tried not talking, to find out what happens if I don’t talk. That is all right too. Do you understand? If you are talking because you are getting something out of it – money, a reward, a sense of your own importance – then there is weariness, then your talking is destructive, it has no meaning because it is only self-fulfilment; but if there is love in your heart, and your heart is not filled with the things of the mind, then it is like a fountain, like a spring that is timelessly giving fresh water.